Granting Wishes

Thanks to the magic of Hulu, I've discovered some great new-to-me shows. My favorite one to date was Jeremiah. It is cool to see Dylan from 90210, Theo from the Cosby Show and Mikey from The Goonies in very different roles. Recently we watched an episode in which the three main characters are presented with… Continue reading Granting Wishes

No Regrets

For seven years I worked at a company that was very good to me. They kept me on when financially they should have laid me off. They encouraged (and paid for) me to learn new skills. They highly valued my abilities and told me so frequently. Even when I spent 1 ½ years thinking that every day was… Continue reading No Regrets

Friendly Perspectives

Over the years I have honed my selective listening and memory skills. To be more kind to myself in this description, I have fine tuned my information filters throughout my lifetime. In my seemingly never ending quest to figure out, "Now What?", I have turned to career books to help point me in the right… Continue reading Friendly Perspectives

Too Late for Home Ec

I love YouTube. Not only is it the home of cat videos (!!!!), lately it has enabled me to watch full educational films that used to play in schools in the 1950s and 60s. While there have been a lot of really good ones, Iowa State University's Home Economics Story from 1951 has to be… Continue reading Too Late for Home Ec