Episodic Life

If someone came back into your life after being away for a couple of years, would they be able to pick right back up in your storyline, or would they need a recap montage?

I was watching iZombie when I came up with this idea.


Each episode begins with an explanation of the plot. It was annoying to me since I watched it from the beginning. After the first few episodes, if people don’t know what the show is about, they should go back and binge watch to catch up! But I digress…

It is the little threads of life that add the depth: with just work, television, and sleep, days become a blur.

At first I wanted to believe that real life could not be broken down into episodes like television shows. Aren’t we all too complex to describe whole sections of our lives in a half hour format, either with or without a laugh track? I’d like to think that my life at least is filled with subplots, in some of which I’m only a bit player or perhaps even the villan!

But there have been times in my life that could easily be summarized in a sentence or two. They were absolutely miserable for me. Having my life taken over by work made me a very dull girl.

While some of my long-time friends can jump back into my life with it feeling jarring, the shorthand montage has been appreciated, especially if it has training sequences and an awesome soundtrack!

How easily would someone be able to slip back in to the tv show of your life if they’ve been away for a while? or What has been your favorite movie montage? (Mine involves puppets.)

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