Granting Wishes

Thanks to the magic of Hulu, I’ve discovered some great new-to-me shows. My favorite one to date was Jeremiah. It is cool to see Dylan from 90210, Theo from the Cosby Show and Mikey from The Goonies in very different roles.


Recently we watched an episode in which the three main characters are presented with the possibility to be granted any wish. Most of the episode focused on how two of the three didn’t believe their wishes would be granted anyway. This got me thinking about how I would use my wish.

Of course there is the beauty pageant option of “world peace” (which also happened to be the request of Whistler in the movie Sneakers).

I also considered the possibility of giving it to someone I love who is in more need than I am at the moment.

Another option would be the selfish one: Live a long, healthy, happy life.

So hard to choose. How would I use the wish?

Just like when I fantasize about how I would spend my lottery winnings, I thought long and hard about this one, even though it will never happen. One wish kept recurring in mind. It was a simple request for information that would remove a great deal of weight off my shoulders. The question I want answered: What career would I be good at, enjoy, where I could actually find a job, and that pays an acceptable salary?

While I am back among the employed (and covered by health insurance!), I know this is not a forever job for me, not that those exist any more. If I could start working towards that perfect-for-me career pursuit, I would be prepared when another of those ever-present opportunities come my way. Mentally I keep coming back to the supposedly dystopian world of The Giver and wishing to have that insight!

Then again, isn’t that the same as jumping to the end of the book and finding out who did it before letting the story be told? Would I be spoiling the surprise and depriving myself of the joy of discovery? Right now I’m tired of the chase and getting everything handed to me wrapped in a pretty bow sounds good … until I stop and think about it.

What would your one wish be? or What new-to-you television shows have you discovered lately?

10 thoughts on “Granting Wishes”

  1. My Husband is a Hulu watcher. We rarely, if ever, sit in front of TV to watch anything – a movie with Kidzilla, perhaps. Any TV we watch is generally discovered through some streaming service. Our best Hulu find so far has been the Matthew Perry series “Go On.” Short-lived by fun. Our current new-to-us is “Big Bang Theory.” Can’t believe we missed five years of this!

    One wish? Can’t do it. I wouldn’t be able to decide between the many things I could think of for me and those around me. I’m so bad at favorites.


    1. I’m going to look into “Go On.” I always like new-to-me shows. I also was a latecomer to “Big Bang Theory”. I love that show!

      I love your “bad at favorites” concept. It does perfectly describe me as well. I’d hem and haw and end up with wishing nothing at all, too afraid of making the wrong decision.


  2. Hi Tammy,
    I Love Hulu. I discovered a quite good British comedy series called DOC MARTIN. Also discovered a
    series called JOURNEY MAN a drama series involving involuntary time travel. You might like these.


  3. As I pondered your question, I thought of what you said about forever job and what that might look like for me. Then I realized that the only thing keeping me from any of my wishes is that I am not working towards them at the moment. It’s fun to think of how to spend lottery winnings and immediate desires, but the more of those things we get, the easier it is to spend and want more.

    What would make me happier, more fulfilled? Probably something that I should work harder to achieve.


    1. You had a good point: winning the lottery would solve all our immediate desires, at least the materialistic ones. Sort of how having too much candy might initially taste good and fill us up, but eventually we would want something more substantial.

      I like the idea of working harder leading to feeling more fulfilled. That definitely rings true for me as well.


  4. That’s funny that you keep thinking about the Giver and the insight in that novel. Wouldn’t that be crazy to have something like that? I don’t even know how that would go for our world – we see in color and everything like that.

    Anyway, I think if I had one wish I would wish for the ability to teleport. I could go anywhere I want at a moment’s notice. It would make traveling so much easier. I could see the entire world in one day if I wanted to.


    1. I think I keep intentionally trying to forget how they literally live in a black and white world and take contentment pills to make that society work. I got hung up on having someone know what I’d be good at and train me for it!

      Teleporting would be cool and convenient. I think the first time anyone does it they should have to say “Beam me up, Scotty” first!


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