Clips Episode

Back in the old days, you know, like when I was growing up, television sitcoms would have an episode every season that was made up of clips from previous episodes loosely strung together by some new dialog. The Golden Girls was notorious for this, doing it much more often than any other show I remember.

Golden Girls

I’m sure it was in the actors’ contract, allowing the network to have a full season of shows without the cast and crew having to film all of them.

I remember how disappointed I used to be when I first realized that the “new” episode I’d been waiting for was actually just a series of clips. Even when done well, it still felt like false advertising to me.

That remained true for me until the final episode of Seinfeld. The hour leading up to the last episode was the best clip montage I’ve ever seen. It was so much better than the final episode itself, which left me grateful for the clips to help soothe my disappointment.

Wow, this was an incredibly long lead up to this being my clips episode. Actually it is giving some posts that didn’t get any love the first time a second chance to be read. Here they are: my ugly duckling posts.

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And one last one that deserves to see the light of day, and I thought was a fun one, was Movie Madness: It has sharks, over-the-hill action stars, and Star Trek. What more could this fan girl ask for?