Perfect Fit

Have you ever watched a new-to-you television show and instantly felt like you’re home? My recent encounter with this phenomenon was the result of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Logo

My admiration for Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezoz, started with an interview of his on the Oprah show, which I’ve discussed before.

Well, Amazon Prime has started doing something I have wanted for ages: In addition to the programming already available for free to Prime members, we can now have add-on network subscriptions to increase our viewing options on the platform. While they are pushing Showtime and Starz, I have jumped at the chance to watch the Acorn Network – British along with some Commonwealth programming. Be still my beating heart!

With as much as I am gushing, I feel the need to state that this is not a sponsored post – like I have that kind of clout! I just love these viewing options.

It was on Acorn that I discovered the series that I have fallen in love with.

As my long-time readers know, I have a weakness for competition shows, with my favorite being of the cooking variety. What I dislike is all the created drama and infighting that seems to be inherent in them. I’m watching the show to see cooking! Leave it to my British heroes for coming up with a cooking show that is all about the food: The Great British Baking Show.

The Great British Baking Show

No villains, no cursing judges, no grandstanding for the cameras. Only humble people making food that makes me so nostalgic for my time spent there. This is the Tammy-perfect show (unlike the anti-Tammy cooking show). I binge watched it at first, but now I’m down to the last two episodes so I’ve been spacing them out. I want the show to last.

What do you think of buying individual channels instead of a package? or What tv show is best suited to your personality?

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