Frozen Memories

In elementary school I discovered the joys of the television show M*A*S*H*. To this day, I can’t put my finger on exactly what the draw was, but I was hooked. I watched it everyday when I got home from school. The theme was calming to me; the characters felt like friends.

Ever since I saw the episode where Charles is recording a message to his sister and discovered a rubber chicken in his teapot, I knew I had to have one … the rubber chicken, not the teapot. Rubber ChickenIt was my senior year of high school when I received my rubber chicken. I was so happy! I brought it with me to the family celebration at Tom’s parents‘ house.

About an hour after we arrived, I noticed that my chicken was missing. I looked all around and couldn’t find it. I finally asked if anyone had seen my rubber chicken. When I asked Tom if he had seen my chicken, he smiled and said, “Think of Chuck and Bob.”

I knew Chuck and Bob were on Soap, so I went around to everywhere there might be soap, but my chicken was no where to be found.

I was sitting down all dejected when Tom came up and asked where my chicken was. I told him his clue was wrong because the chicken wasn’t near the soap.

He laughed and said, “Where did Chuck find Bob when he was missing?”

If you haven’t seen that episode before, you can watch the scene here now before scrolling down because I have a spoiler coming up.


“The freezer!” I ran over to the kitchen freezer and opened it. It was filled with food. My heart sank.

Then, inspiration hit, “The deep freeze!” I ran to their big freezer. I opened up the lid, and there, frozen solid, was my chicken. I had to be very careful with him until he thawed, afraid I would break off a leg or his beak, but I was so pleased to have him back … and that the rubber didn’t suffer any lasting effects from the low temperature.

Have you ever had a scavenger hunt to find your own item before? Wasn’t Soap incredible? I love that show, very different from M*A*S*H*!

4 thoughts on “Frozen Memories”

  1. I never watched Soap, but I did love MASH. You’re right – there was just something about it. Kinda wish one of our channels would run old episodes. Perhaps after the holiday movies stop, we’ll see a lineup change. For a long time, we had Golden Girls and Frasier.

    My husband had a rubber chicken. My sister and her best friend (now a nun!) stole it from him when they were in high school (he was their teacher) and took off with it. I never saw my Hub run as fast as he did the day he was after his rubber chicken. Clearly, there is something special about a rubber chicken!


    1. Okay now I have the image of a nun (in a habit, no less) running off with a rubber chicken! My mind amuses me like that!

      I would love to see MASH now and see if it still affects me the same way. I’m sure it has to be on Hulu or Amazon Prime or something.


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