Clips Episode

Golden Girls

Back in the old days, you know, like when I was growing up, television sitcoms would have an episode every season that was made up of clips from previous episodes loosely strung together by some new dialog. The Golden Girls was notorious for this, doing it much more often than any other show I remember.… Continue reading Clips Episode

Geeking Out

I Am Not Spock

This year was the Ultimate Pi Day, 3.14.15, and I missed it. I was unable to get into the spirit: I was really upset about Leonard Nimoy's death, and I couldn't write something that felt right. He managed his best known character over decades and across series, yet his performance never seemed tired. The meme that went… Continue reading Geeking Out

Live or Memorex

I've mentioned a couple times how somehow I managed not to go to a movie theater at all in 2013. I went to a theater four times in 2014, but only one time really counted (when I went to see a new release): I saw Interstellar, I watched two older films being screened again (The… Continue reading Live or Memorex