What the F?

Murder, She Wrote

I’ve never considered myself to be a feminist. I’ve written about it before, calling it the “f word”. With so much going on in my life and with this election – thank goodness the vote is tomorrow – I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic lately. But first, a segue. For over a year… Continue reading What the F?

Keeping the House

Keeping the House

I was thinking back on my 1950's housewife post after listening to the audio book of Keeping the House by Ellen Baker. It is another of my chance stumble upons while browsing the library's collection. It is a story of a family throughout the 30 years they lived in a beautiful house in a small… Continue reading Keeping the House


I was a little girl during the 1970s, the age of Women's Liberation. I remember the feminist anthems being played on the radio, although I was too young to understand their context and often their lyrics. One day I was playing at a friend's house and singing along to "I am Woman" on the radio:… Continue reading Invisible