Getting a Grip

I used to be so worried about the content of my blog. I didn’t want topics that were too similar to appear any time close to one another. I kept with that intensity until I stopped with the twice-weekly posts. Now if I think of anything at all to write about, I’m going with it.

I’ve often described this blog as the best blog about me out there. It has morphed over the years as I found my voice and the appropriate level of quirkiness. The evolution isn’t over.

What am I most interested in now? Writing. Hands down. Okay, then cats and gardening. But as my beta readers for my first novel know, cats and gardening play a role. At first I was stressing about that. Well, I was stressing because I thought I should stress about it, but the give a … care … factor had already pretty much dropped off.

So what is going on with my writing, I hope you are wondering. My first novel (post-apocalypse sci fi) is back from beta readers, and their suggestions were incorporated into a BIG edit/reorganization. It flows much better now. I’d been looking for how to cut a lot of pages, and they told me. It wasn’t what I thought I’d cut, but since all of them said the same thing, I had to go with it. That book is now out with two fresh readers, including DH2U. There will be one more round of edits after I get their feedback, and then the querying of agents begins.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m working on book number two (sci fi romance). I’m guessing I’m about 2/3 of the way through it. I’m still in love with the book, which is a great sign. Last week was an incredible writing week for me – scenes were begging to be put down on paper. I was happy to oblige.

I also have an idea percolating for book three. Here is a hint:


The protagonist and antagonist of both female, and I think I know the setting, but that it is so far. The story is going to incubate until it is its turn to come out. Hopefully by then my brain will figure it out for me.

Thank you, loyal readers, for sticking with me over the years and through the various iterations of this blog.

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