But Why?

It has only been a few weeks since I switched from two posts a week down to one. I have already noticed a disturbing, highly unexpected, and completely counter-intuitive trend: It is much harder to write only one post a week!

Okay, the moral of my difficulty of getting a post up on Mondays is more that I am out of my old groove and haven’t developed a new one yet, but it is feeling like the well is going dry now that I am coming to it less frequently.

Thank goodness for the debate last night for inspiring me. No, this is not going to be political at all. I only go there historically. I simply want to share a tweet that made me laugh:


Considering how obsessed I am with my FitBit, I’m sure my long-time readers will see why I almost did a spit take with that one.

This tweet reminded me of a HUGE accomplishment I’d recently reached with my FitBit.

Russian Railway Fitness Badge

Since I first purchased my Fitbit in March of 2014, I have walked further than the Great Wall of China (my last badge) and the Russian Railway. Holy cow!

I don’t stick with all of things I try – thank goodness since there isn’t enough time in the day – but those that I do bring great happiness to me. I did think I would lose my mind after I lost my Fitbit on the way to the wedding. I am surprised at how often I’m checking it without realizing it!

“What gets measured gets done” is definitely true for me and my daily step count.

See, look at the positive outcome of last night’s debate – a blog post not related to the current political cycle at all!

Does it seem odd to anyone else that it is harder to write one post a week than two? or What is your favorite obsessive activity?