She’s Back!

The evil hackers made me afraid on my own blog. That is not right. I decided I wasn’t going to let them win. My absence showed me I wasn’t ready to hang up the towel on this adventure yet.

So, I took my ball and instead of going home, I went to a safer playground.


This blog is now on WordPress.Com, which is different from the WordPress.Org blogging platform that my blog was on before. Confused? The .com version is the free blogging platform where most bloggers get their start.

I had to be different and do things on my own five and a half years ago when I began, mainly because I wanted my own URL. Now the .com version offers an inexpensive service that allows me to keep my URL (and all that lovely Google link love I’ve built over time), but they are taking care of all the back end stuff, including security, for me. What a relief! It was exactly what my shattered nerves needed.

The only drawback to my new site is that if you  had subscribed before to receive an email alert to new posts, you will need to sign up again. A huge plus is that commenting should be much easier. Let me know if you have any problems.

I found out that over a million websites were hit in the attack that got mine. Even before all this happened I had hackers in my novel. Now I am thinking of adding in some of the chest-tightening tension that happens to the victims.

So far I’m enjoying the water here in the kiddie pool. Although I don’t need them, the arm floaties are making things much easier. Dang I changed metaphors mid-stream. Oh well.

It’s good to be back. Thanks for your patience during the interruption.

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