5 Years

Five years ago today I started my blog.

5 Year Anniversary

How have five years passed already?!?!  I swear I was just doing last minute word smithing on “The Search for Meaning,” my first, and still favorite, post.

Originally I was going to celebrate this milestone anniversary with a hosting change and new look. But then the new provider I chose wasn’t all that I’d hoped. Plus I stumbled across this simple theme a few months ago that really suits me. To top it all off, my current web host offered me a HUGE discount. Inertia and cost savings won the day. How Tammy.

I’ve spent some time over the last few weeks going down rabbit holes on this blog. I have no recollection of writing some of them. Then again I shouldn’t be that surprised: At two posts per week over five years, that is 520 entries. Holy cow!

So much has changed in my life over these last five years: I still had hopes (however dim) of returning to dance, and I had never canned anything, taken a race walking step, or made cheese. I love my willingness to try new things. Some things my body has vetoed, like archery and massage, and many others have added to the richness of my life.

Friends have asked the very appropriate question of “Now what?” about my blog. My answer now is the same as it has always been: I plan to continue it for as long as I enjoy it. I never could have predicted five years ago what it would be for me now – a creative outlet and a way to stay grounded. No matter how crazy life gets, the blog goes on. Somehow that playing-by-ear quality works for me. My uber-planning self has relaxed over the years, in some areas at least.

Thank you so much, readers for your continued support and feedback, both on the blog and on Facebook. And as always, I promise that if (when?) I figure out the meaning of life, I will share it with you.

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