5 Years

5 Year Anniversary

Five years ago today I started my blog. How have five years passed already?!?!  I swear I was just doing last minute word smithing on "The Search for Meaning," my first, and still favorite, post. Originally I was going to celebrate this milestone anniversary with a hosting change and new look. But then the new provider I… Continue reading 5 Years


Today is going to be a very different Thanksgiving Day for my family. My Dad, Barb, and Rebecca are on their way to a tropical adventure. Meanwhile, DH2U and I are so pleasedl to have been invited to join some friends and their extended family for a Thanksgiving brunch at a restaurant. I've never eaten at… Continue reading Gratitude

Define Yourself

In your mind, do you define yourself by what you do? In high school, I proudly wore the label of speech geek. I was the dedicated student in college. Then, for the longest time I defined myself by who I was with. That led to some dark days. I was very quick to adopt the… Continue reading Define Yourself