Death of Black Friday?

Last year on Black Friday, NASA did a special Twitter feed all day with the hashtag #BlackHoleFriday. I came in pretty late on the feed, and that was when I decided to write my Thanksgiving post this year about Black Hole Friday. I was so psyched!

Unfortunately, my tweeted questions to NASA as to whether or not they will be doing it again this year have gone unanswered. I was all ready for today to be another one of my space geeking out posts. Instead I am going off on a new trend – the beginning of the end of Black Friday.

Black Friday Turkey Scare

I loved Black Friday’s infancy, when they gave away gifts to the people crazy enough to line up outside a Mervyn’s at 6 am the day after Thanksgiving. It was fun and not a major deal. The last few years, the stores have been opening earlier and earlier, and then suddenly Black Friday became sales that started on Thanksgiving Day. After working in a customer service setting with no down time, I couldn’t do that to the store employees.

When REI announced that it was giving all of its employees Black Friday off, I cheered. Then it became a source of pride for stores to announce that they were not opening on Thanksgiving. At the same time, the sales started well before the Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t know why it shocked me, especially since there are often Christmas displays before Halloween. It’s sad to me, though – like the end of an era.

So what will I be doing tomorrow? Black Hole Friday if it happens again, and definitely a hike in honor of the REI employees.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Black Friday, however you choose to celebrate them.

Does anyone else remember the early days of Black Friday? Or What is everyone else doing for the holiday?

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