Rethinking Fitness

For the first time in four years, I do not have a gym membership. My Costco special deal ran out, and I’m not getting a new one. My knee decided several months ago that every piece of cardio equipment aggravated it, so I really didn’t see a point in throwing several hundred dollars away. It feels weird. Although I haven’t been going, I keep thinking that soon my knee will change its mind.

So what now? It’s a new year and a chance to rethink how I’m going to get back in shape.

As you probably guessed, hiking is definitely going to be involved. I spent some of the money that didn’t go to a gym membership on a book I’ve been wanting for quite a while: Afoot and Afield. For less than $20, I have a great resource for the hikes in my fair city! What a bargain!

I also bought another pedometer. When I had one, I moved so much more. Then it broke, as did the next five that I purchased. Admittedly, some of those were broken when I pulled them out of the package. Evidently, there isn’t much quality control in the manufacturing of these. It could also be that I’m cursed. Maybe it’s like me and manual can openers. I use them correctly, but they always die within 3-6 months of my taking them out of the package. And nope, I’m not left handed. I am just the grim reaper for that poor appliance. But fortunately, my new pedometer arrived the same day as my book, and it’s been working well for me for a couple weeks now … if you don’t count the fact that I’ve had to secure the back with tape since the latch that’s supposed to hold it broke immediately. Fingers crossed the tape solution continues to work!

Afoot and Afield and Pedometer

But wait, there’s more! I’ve decided to start having social activities that are truly active. I get to be with my friends and move! I am actually taking advantage of the fabulous weather and free public attractions of my town. This month alone I’m going on a docent led tour of Balboa Park and a guided hike that includes a tour of an old dairy farm. How cool is that?!?!?

I’m always on the lookout for non-gym fitness opportunities. How do you get your work out? or Do you have a special gift for killing appliances as well, or am I alone in dooming things to a premature demise?

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