The Confessional – Guilty Pleasures Edition

I haven't stepped into the confessional on this blog in a while, so I figured it was about time. It's good for the soul, right? Although I refuse to pay for cable, I still watch television. That is not the secret since I've mentioned it before (including buying an antennae to watch football). What has… Continue reading The Confessional – Guilty Pleasures Edition

Latest Exercise Adventure

Pilates Reformer

My search for an exercise program that is challenging and doesn't hurt my knee ... or aggravate my elbow tendinitis ... or bore the daylights out of me continues. My latest attempt: Pilates. As probably doesn't surprise anyone, I fully researched Pilates studios before I took my first tentative steps. I read the reviews, and I found a perfect-for-me-on-paper… Continue reading Latest Exercise Adventure

Rethinking Fitness

For the first time in four years, I do not have a gym membership. My Costco special deal ran out, and I'm not getting a new one. My knee decided several months ago that every piece of cardio equipment aggravated it, so I really didn't see a point in throwing several hundred dollars away. It feels weird. Although… Continue reading Rethinking Fitness