Winter Holiday

Yesterday, DH2U and I got home from a week vacation in snow country. It was delightful! Reading, relaxing, and socializing. I can’t think of a better way to spend some time off.

It was 60 degrees warmer than our last visit. That made life so much more pleasant. I’ve mentioned before how much I love hiking by myself and walking in the rain. I had a new-to-me experience that was the best of both of those worlds: I hiked through a deserted campground in the snow by myself.

Snowy Campground

It was perfection. Nature definitely isn’t quiet, particularly in that situation. When the snow flakes landed on the already fallen snow, they made a slight plopping sound. I loved it. And of course me being me, I made a snow angel.

Snow Angel

Since I was by myself it was hard to get up so it got a bit messy, but it was fun. I wonder if anyone else discovered my contribution to the beautiful scene.

The snow was so dry it wouldn’t stick, so no snowball fights this time. I guess that was okay, because it meant less chance to lose my cell phone in a snow bank.

As we were making our way from the airport to the wilderness getaway, I was able to see the small towns along the way in a very different light than during my last trip. Without feet of snow covering everything, I was able to see that these homes weren’t randomly out in the middle of nowhere: they were farms. Before I couldn’t see that the land in between was fields. That made so much more sense that there was a purpose to where they lived. It’s amazing how facts can change perspective.

I’m looking forward to our next visit. It is a great get away, and I always learn something new.

Where do you go to get away from it all? or Has anyone else hiked in the snow by him/herself?

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