Placebo Effect

Over the years, I've written about my bouts of insomnia. They tend to come and go (thank goodness) and normally are a result of my overactive brain. A couple years age I was at a cookie exchange party and the conversation changed to insomnia. Two women there swore by taking a well known mineral supplement… Continue reading Placebo Effect

Creativity Re-Explored

I have had a change of thought about creativity. While somewhere at the essence of my being I still feel really uncomfortable when people describe something I've done as "creative," I have decided to embrace all compliments and fake it until I make it. What started all of this was doing yet another activity in… Continue reading Creativity Re-Explored

Subtle Silence

I stopped cold in the middle of the shopping aisle. Something was wrong, but what? At first the silence in my mind was so subtle that I couldn't grasp its significance. Then it dawned on me: The recitation of my shopping list that had been playing on a continual loop in my mind ever since… Continue reading Subtle Silence

Mind Reading

Somehow the other day, I got to thinking about Mel Gibson. Not the Mel Gibson of the anti-Semitic slurs, but the young Mel Gibson who showed his bare butt in every film. That version of Mel Gibson I loved (and not just for his body) ... until I watched What Women Want. It didn't live… Continue reading Mind Reading