Devil Egg

lots of lemons

A couple of months ago I came home with a HUGE bag full of lemons from Hillary’s dad’s tree. I’d been dying to make preserved lemons, and Hillary came through with primary ingredient. I was a bit concerned about asking for 15-18 pieces of fruit – it sounded greedy. When Hillary relayed my request to her… Continue reading Devil Egg

Color Coordinate

Tammy Work Photo

We had picture day at work last week. Now that there are digital cameras, a lot of the pressure of getting my picture taken is gone. I got so nervous for school pictures that I ended up taking horrible shots. Even as an adult I'm not immune to bad pictures under pressure, as my driver license proves.… Continue reading Color Coordinate

Write Today

Thank goodness for First 50 Words and their writing prompts. That site has saved me several times when my idea well went dry. Whenever one tickles my fancy, into my blog idea folder it goes. With everything that is going on this time of year, I was so grateful to look in that folder and… Continue reading Write Today

Second Viewing

I have had the pleasure of introducing my friends to some of my favorite films. Although it can be a challenge not to laugh prematurely or otherwise indicate that something might be coming up, it is so worth it to watch the dawning of understanding cross their faces. The first time I remember doing this… Continue reading Second Viewing