Hurting My Brain

As I was writing my "What I Learned from Dance" post, I came the meme of little girls at the ballet bar, most not facing the correct direction. While being a rebel never appealed to my rule-loving heart, I did see myself in this picture. I was the girl facing the wrong direction. I laughed when… Continue reading Hurting My Brain

Ideas Strike

Recently I was sitting an a cafe, notepad out and expecting my pen to start moving. With the blank page still staring at me, I realized I was waiting for inspiration to strike. Steven King's quotation popped into my head: Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to… Continue reading Ideas Strike

Creativity Re-Explored

I have had a change of thought about creativity. While somewhere at the essence of my being I still feel really uncomfortable when people describe something I've done as "creative," I have decided to embrace all compliments and fake it until I make it. What started all of this was doing yet another activity in… Continue reading Creativity Re-Explored