Challenged Reading

Last year as part of the GoodReads Reading Challenge, I read 26 books and listened to 14 audio books. It was the only resolution I kept for the year. I really impressed myself with those totals, so I decided to have the same resolution for 2014, with the goal of matching those totals again this… Continue reading Challenged Reading

All Quiet on the Grammar Front

Well, it looks like I won't be adding a copyediting certificate to my degree collection. When I started the program, I was at my old job, where I worked for seven years. There were often down times where I could do my homework. That was what allowed me to really delve into the work and basque… Continue reading All Quiet on the Grammar Front

Define Yourself

In your mind, do you define yourself by what you do? In high school, I proudly wore the label of speech geek. I was the dedicated student in college. Then, for the longest time I defined myself by who I was with. That led to some dark days. I was very quick to adopt the… Continue reading Define Yourself

Friendly Perspectives

Over the years I have honed my selective listening and memory skills. To be more kind to myself in this description, I have fine tuned my information filters throughout my lifetime. In my seemingly never ending quest to figure out, "Now What?", I have turned to career books to help point me in the right… Continue reading Friendly Perspectives