Four More Years

A few months ago I had the honor of attending a friend’s party she threw to celebrate her puppy’s first birthday. I love the fact that when I told my coworkers about going, no one batted an eye about attending a party for a dog. It was one of those “You know you live in SoCal” type of moments.

The puppy was definitely enjoying being the center of attention. Here she is with her favorite present, a well disguised squeaker toy.

Puppy Present - What a Great Squeaker Toy

As we were standing around the food table, which is a central component of our parties, the subject of my blog came up. Someone asked me what it was about. My response: “It’s all about me. They say you should have a niche.”

One of my friends, while appreciating the joke, urged me to give more information.

“Okay, I probably wouldn’t have several hundred unique visitors a month if it were only about me. It’s about having jumped through life’s hoops, ticking off the expected accomplishments, and then being left with the question of ‘Now What?‘”

My regular readers who were in attendance all nodded. It felt good to nail the description like that.

After four years of my twice a week posts, I’m amazed at how much I still love doing this … and that people are reading it!

I must admit I wasn’t loving it so much when malicious files found their way on to my site earlier this week, carried in on a theme update, hence the new look. Fortunately, I’m back up and running with less than 24 hours of down time.

While I don’t have a Perez Hilton-sized audience, I wouldn’t want to have to create the persona that would draw them. One thing I’ve learned in my 40+ years is that feeling comfortable with who I am is the best feeling in the world.

Thanks to all of you who continue to support me and my blog. You will definitely be the first to know when I answer the “Now What?” question.

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