All Quiet on the Grammar Front

Well, it looks like I won’t be adding a copyediting certificate to my degree collection.

degrees on wall

When I started the program, I was at my old job, where I worked for seven years. There were often down times where I could do my homework. That was what allowed me to really delve into the work and basque in the glory of grammar.

My second class, the first actual copyediting class, began right around the time of the job incident. I was working so much, and was so miserable, that I barely went through the motions with that class.

The copyediting class was dramatically less strenuous than the grammar class that I loved so much. With grammar, we were taking three to eight quizzes a week. We had to stay on top of things and really learn the concepts since everything built upon previously acquired knowledge. I was on my game. Setting the bar that high led to my extreme disappointment with the copyediting class. There were a total of five submissions in nine weeks, including the final and midterm.

What it was lacking in quantity was equally reflected in the quality. To be honest, if an exercise wasn’t to be graded, I didn’t do it. So un-me, I know! I did do the reading, but none of the practices. I still got straight As on everything! Initially I thought I was some sort of copyediting prodigy and didn’t even know it, and then I checked over my graded papers. There were errors EVERYWHERE. Yet despite all the red, she still gave me top marks. Grade inflation was the final straw in my mind. I left the class with few if any new skills. I paid money for that?!?!?

What a difference this makes from my undergrad experience. I would have craved a class that helped pad my GPA with little effort. Now, it’s all about the knowledge, not the grades.

Putting my brain through the grammar gymnastics was the most fun I’ve had in quite a while. I enjoyed that thoroughly. And to be honest, I did enjoy learning the copyediting shorthand in my last class, so maybe it wasn’t a total loss.

Copyediting Marks

All of this leaves me at a place where I am not currently taking classes. The grade inflation disappointed me, I don’t feel at all prepared to move up to the next level, AND I have no way to afford it even if I did want it. Which leaves me with my eternal question: Now what? I’m sure the next bright, shiny thing will show up soon!

Have you ever been disappointed by too easy of a grade? or Why don’t we live in a dystopian future where “they” will tell me what to study next?

6 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Grammar Front”

  1. Oh, you sound so much like I would in those circumstances! On all counts! Trying to think about the too easy grade thing…probably a computer literacy for teachers course in my grad program. I can see where it would be beneficial for people who did not have many computer skills, but it was completely ridiculous. Like, my question was WHY would you not have those skills if you are an educator taking a graduate level course? Hm. Anyway, I definitely would balk at a grade that felt too easy. In my undergrad I opted for a statistics course rather than the other two math choices because both sounded way too basic. One was like balance your checkbook 101 or something to that effect. Anyway, I fought for my grade like crazy, but it felt way better than the other would have. I know it.

    By the way, was just going to e-mail you. I JUST saw that I did not reply to your comment on my Focus post last week. I am so sorry! I remember reading your comment, but I think I got distracted before I got to the reply. How appropos, right?


    1. You were even brave as an undergrad. I am not worthy! Wow! Back then the GPA was all that mattered to me. Some how in the growing up process I realized that no employer has ever asked about my grades (much to my chagrin), but all have cared about what I learned. D’uh, it’s what sticks that matters. Easy grades these days are a waste of time and money.

      I laughed about your lack of response to the Focus post. It was very apropos!!!!


  2. haha! You’ll find something soon, I’m sure. Wow – what an impressive display of certificates. What a very full cranium you have…but then there’s always room for more.


    1. If those were all mine, I’d say my brain was full! Actually, I don’t have any of my degrees up on a wall, or even framed. I don’t even know where all of them are. Hadn’t really thought about that until I need a picture for this piece. With as much as I love getting them, it is strange that none of them have ever graced a wall. Hmmmmmmm….


  3. Getting off with a good grade when you don’t deserve it is okay in a subjective course like Art, but with copyediting, you kind of have to know your stuff, right?

    I would have been disappointed, too.


    1. You are so right that copyediting is far from subjective. There is no grey area. You follow the rules. That is why I thought it would be so perfect for me, but now I’m frustrated and not feeling qualified to move on.


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