Challenged Reading

Last year as part of the GoodReads Reading Challenge, I read 26 books and listened to 14 audio books. It was the only resolution I kept for the year. I really impressed myself with those totals, so I decided to have the same resolution for 2014, with the goal of matching those totals again this… Continue reading Challenged Reading

What We Think We Want

Sometimes I find that a completely mediocre book can bring different parts of my life into focus. In the book The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P, a book just good enough for me to keep reading, there is an underlying theme that what we think we want is not necessarily the same as what we really… Continue reading What We Think We Want

Sci Fi Book Review

With my almost obsessive amount of reading lately, I have been doing a lot of genre hopping. My go-to's lately have been either Sci Fi or Canadian authors  or both. I wanted to discuss three sci fi books that I've read this year: Little Brother, The Darwin Elevator, and Oryx and Crake. Little Brother immediately gave… Continue reading Sci Fi Book Review

Better Idea than Execution

With my reading challenge continuing this year, I am always on the lookout for more books to read. While I love most of my selections, there have been a couple that probably were best left in the idea stage: They did not live up to their full potential. When I first heard of William Shakespeare's Star… Continue reading Better Idea than Execution