Quest Continues

I love my job. I wanted to make sure I started with that. Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary. I am back to feeling productive, valued and equally as important, I have a life again! There is much rejoicing every weekend when I STILL get two days off in a row.

Having a job that I love (and that I’m good at – and like tooting my own horn about) has not stopped me from still thinking of the broader picture. I’m in no hurry at all to move – no career itchy feet. I am, however, in an excellent position to start building up a skill set to help me when I’m ready to move on. Of course that still begs the important question: Now What?

Now what?

The Now What blog is for college grads. They had this excellent graphic.

Back when I was considering an entrepreneurial adventure, I remember reading that the key to describing one’s services is to complete the sentence, “I help people/businesses/communities ___________.” Mentally that works for me since I really do want to help people help themselves. That doesn’t work well in a lot of areas where people want to outsource things so they didn’t have to do it themselves. In theory that should help narrow down my search. I’d like to live in that theoretical world.

I would love to teach new skills or help deserving causes receive the recognition they need or increase the visibility of local companies doing good work. If I had those skill sets, I’d be off to the races. Well, if I had them and a desire to change fields at the moment.

Brainstorming like this is helpful. With my lovely free time, I plan to start checking the college catalogues again and see what night classes are coming up. Exploring a new field might lead my brain down an exciting new path!

Are you one of those lucky people who found their passion early and have been able to make it work? or How did you stumble upon your current career?

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