And the Winner Is

Voices from Chernobyl

I've mentioned before that one of the ways I find new books is to check out the long list for the different book awards. When the Man Booker Prize list was released, I was tickled to discover that I'd already explored two of the ten finalists. Admittedly, I didn't like one (Satin Island by Tom… Continue reading And the Winner Is

Challenged Reading

Last year as part of the GoodReads Reading Challenge, I read 26 books and listened to 14 audio books. It was the only resolution I kept for the year. I really impressed myself with those totals, so I decided to have the same resolution for 2014, with the goal of matching those totals again this… Continue reading Challenged Reading

All About Books

Now that we are in the final months of the year, I'm staring to look back at the resolutions I've had for the last couple years. Last year, it was a different resolution a month. That lasted through April. This year my goal was to learn something new every day. That was WAY too hard… Continue reading All About Books