She Shall Not Pass

I had an absolutely delightful new-to-me experience: I went go cart racing. How had I never done that before? This fun adventure was part of DH2U‘s company holiday party.

The course where we went was strange – it was indoor and these were gas cars. Needless to say the exhaust smell was prevalent, and a little part of it came home with us.

I think I was the only one listening to the safety lecture. Then again, it was only four things, and it was written on the wall. Silly me, I was expecting them to give some instruction on driving the carts. Nope. We were on our own for that part.

The first thing they did was hand out what we were referring to as head condoms. Aren’t they attractive?


The safety instructions were given as we were getting our helmets on. Don’t I look stunning … and happy?


My goal for the day wasn’t to win – yeah right. This is an activity that involves me and driving – instead it was to not hit a barricade. In that, I succeeded. It was close a couple times, but I made it. Archery taught me to have more realistic goals my first time out.

One thing I couldn’t manage to do was pass. I knew from watching others fly by me that it was possible to get two cars abreast, but it didn’t seem that way from my perspective. So once I caught up to the short list of people who hadn’t passed me, instead of lapping them, I was content driving their speed. It was like falling into a comfortable little group of cars on the freeway.

We were all treated to two rounds, but one was enough for me. I didn’t realize I needed to be in shape to ride go carts! Although the wheels didn’t turn very much, it required a surprising amount of strength. The tendinitis in both elbows had me on the sidelines, but it was so worth it.

There was no way to take a selfie on the track – thank goodness! – so I took advantage of my heat not on the course by taking one of DH2U. Look how fast he was going. He’s a blur!



I am so glad I had the experience. I don’t see myself doing it again any time soon, but it was a blast.

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