Worse before Better

Our backyard is now staring to come together: The terraces are sifted and good soil has been added, the yard itself has grass where we want it, and DH2U built a beautiful planter box for our fruit trees. We are now set our eyes on our front yard.

When we moved in, we had twelve palm trees in our front yard, scatterings of rose bushes, and both ficus and juniper bushes. Did I mention two plumeria trees? Yes, our yard was a hot mess of randomly placed vegetation.

Thanks to our fabulous real estate agent, we got the contact number of his gardener. We wanted ten palms removed and ficus relocated. He did in three hours for less than we imagined.

Before (with Wood Chip Mountain to make tree removal easier):

Yard Before

And then a few hours later.

Yard After

The crazy thing is how many compliments we’ve received on our torn up yard.

Now for phase two – making it look intentional.

DH2U came up with the idea for triangle planter boxes that will be home for our fruit trees. I helped hold some pieces while he screwed them together, so I’m claiming credit for building them.

This past weekend we were back to the nursery for more soil – a cubic yard. If you don’t know how much that is, picture the bed of pickup filled with it. I had great master plans for the rest of the day – like prepping one more rose bed and planting all six of our new additions. Ha ha ha ha ha. I was able to still do my weekly house cleaning and a couple loads of laundry, but not much more than that. I was done.

Still to come in the front yard – plant the roses, get our remaining two fruit trees, redistributie Wood Chip Mountain, and doing some smaller plantings. Just getting rid of the mountain will do wonders for the aesthetics of the place. Some day, once the other things are in place so we don’t have to move it twice.

The nice thing is there is always stuff to do, so we’ll never be bored.

I love our home.

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