Waste Not

Many times on this blog I’ve written about how fabulous DH2U is. Among his multitude of wonderful traits, his ability to fix/build things continues to amaze me all these years later. It was after his washing machine repair that he earned his nickname.

His latest project was one we’d been thinking about for a long time – grey water. Initially it was going to involve tubing that went from the garage into the garden and around our main plant clusters. That would have involved going under the sidewalk – a lot of work – and the upward slope might have made the water back up into the machine or lay stagnant and gross in the tube.

DH2U came up with a manual solution that has been working perfectly for us this summer.


He got a longer drain hose for the washer, which can be hooked into the lid of a 50 gallon trash can. Our hose then joins up with the quick connect on the spigot that he installed towards the bottom of the can. Once the valve is opened, gravity pushes the water out, and we move the hose around the yard every 5-10 minutes.

Living in an area of drought, it is wonderful saving at least 75-100 gallons a week that otherwise would have been going into the sewer system. Knowing how much we’re saving, I don’t mind going out and moving that hose. Plus it’s more steps!

Considering I’d be out there watering anyway, using less of our region’s water supply and saving money, what a great trade off. Thank you, DH2U!

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