My Resolve

I spent a wonderful week in the frozen north with DH2U and his mom. As with all my other trips there, it was a relaxing time with a chance to experience snow.

26055829_10159904459065145_8066516732650281847_n (1)

With it being that time of year, I thought about where I’d like to be when 2018 leaves us. What goals did I want to reach? So here are my resolutions:

My first one is the same as I do every year – read at least 40 books. I made it to 41 in 2017. While lower than normal, it still met the bar. I hope to do that again this year. I already have a book under my belt this year, so I’m off to a good start.

Second up, I’m going to try my hand at making some new-to-me cheeses. I now have a cheese fridge, so I get to venture into the waters of some more complicated varieties. My first one will be … blue cheese! I’m so excited. I can’t wait. I have all the ingredients I need besides the milk, so yes, I am proud to report that I have both mold and bacteria in my freezer. This is the first of the cheese I’ve had to wait to eat – it will take three months. I’ll report back on my first attempt.

The last goal is the one I’m most excited about – yes, even more than the cheese. It’s about my writing. While I know what I’d like to have happen, I’m going to stick to goals that are under my control. This year I will finish my first and second books. Right now book one is in post-beta reader edits and should be out to my final readers in the next couple weeks. I’m on page 150 of the first draft of book two (about 60% through). I also will begin to query agents. This is definitely a do-able, but challenging goal. I also have an idea percolating for book three, but starting that one might be a step too far. If I need a stretch goal, though…

Does anyone else have some learn something new goals? If you’re not a resolution person, where do you hope to be this time next year?


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