Playing Favorites


Last week, my favorite novel writing pen died.

Favorite Pen

Strangely enough, it wasn’t normally a pen I would grab: It wasn’t retractable and it had a much wider point than I usually like. This giveaway pen had found its way to the bottom of my purse at some point, and once when I desperately needed to get an idea down before my brain lost it, that was the only pen I could find. It served me well that day, and since it was then tucked in my notebook, I started to use it. It felt good on the page. It wasn’t sticky like many others I’ve tried, and unlike my go-to Pilots, the ink didn’t show through the paper.

This little pen that could got me thinking about other favorites I have among inanimate objects. I have a favorite plate. It has a chip in it, but I don’t care. I like the thickness of the plate and the way it feels in my hands when I’m carrying it. That and its red ring around the edge makes me happy. DH2U is more than happy to always let me have that plate. He doesn’t play favorites with kitchenware, and he humors me.

I also tend to choose favorite parking spots. Normally it is shade related, and my current one has to do with the fact that if I accidentally overshoot it a little, I won’t be running into a wall. Oh, the things that make me happy.

Does anyone else have favorites for non-sentimental reasons?

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