More Grown Up

Last week, when I left for work, this is what our living room looked like.


And this is what it looked like when I got home.


The shutter fairies came!

It feels so wonderful and so grown up to have real window coverings up! As always, I forgot to get a real before picture, with the $4 Ikea, disposable, stick-on blinds that the cats had trashed, with an old duvet cover to help keep out some of the afternoon sun. The cats played a big role in deciding what to get. These seemed to be more cat-proof than any other option.

The prep work didn’t go ask smoothly as we had hoped. “Just pop off the existing sill” was not as easy as it sounded. In the front room it tore up the drywall something fierce. The bedroom was even more of a challenge – it wouldn’t pop off at all. The window was installed on top of it, which actually is best practice according to The Googles.

DH2U to the rescue. He consulted with our salesperson and learned that he’d need to cut away 1 1/8″ across the sill … and he did it. I never would have been able to do that. Plus he did the first round of repairs to the drywall. He is a miracle worker and super humble about the whole thing to boot.

I am so glad to have them up. There is so much light! The kittens – who am I kidding? the full-sized, 7-month-old cats – are not as happy with these since they lost their game of tearing up the blinds. But they seem to be adjusting.

Lemon misses having a sill to sit on in the bedroom, but she is adapting. And camera shy – she wouldn’t let me get a picture of her.

It took less than a year since we got our fabulous new-to-us house, and we now have custom window treatments on all the windows. It is really starting to come along. This house is so us and has become our home.

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