How Does Your Garden Grow?

Not only have I been trying out my newly learned skills lately, DH2U and I have also been finishing up our terraces. The last two weeks have shown so much progress on the gardening front.

DH2U finished sifting all the soil from our terraces. That left us with a big pile of rocks

Rock Pile

and a big hole to fill. He researched the options, and we decided that renting a truck and going to a nursery for premium soil was the best option.

Loading Truck

During the outing we learned that 1.5 cubic yards was the most our rental truck could take without an alarm going off. That was exciting!

We took surface streets home and then had to unload all that soil. Thank goodness my wrist was better after my extreme gardening event so I could pull my weight.

Shoveling Dirt

The truck was rented out in 15 minute increments, so the time pressure was there.

That was pretty much my contribution. DH2U then moved all that soil up into the terraces. He had already built the wood dividers and packed down the dirt in the walkway in back.


Labor Day weekend we went to the gardening center and got most of our winter seeds.



They didn’t have garlic bulbs in yet, but it was nearly 100 degrees at 10 am that day, so we couldn’t have gone home and planted them anyway. We did get beets, which are in the ground now that the heat wave broke.



Once the seeds go in, all that will be left for the fall/winter is our fruit trees. That will be another post!

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