What I learned from dance

Tammy in the Dance Mirror

Five years ago today I suffered the injury that ended my dancing career. I remember the training session well. Kurt and I weren't meeting that day; I went to the studio by myself to practice. I was going through my special playlist of two songs for each of the 10 dances. Once the playlist was over,… Continue reading What I learned from dance

April Follies

This weekend Kurt and his dance partner will represent Diversity Dancesport in Oakland at the April Follies dance competition. Last year I joined them and took pictures (If you'd like you can watch some of the videos). Being around the dance scene (and the memories it brought back) was bitter sweet. Suddenly, in my mind I… Continue reading April Follies

Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

In thinking back to my knee surgery, it really got me thinking of the importance of friendships. The things we will do for our friends: I've cleaned houses, brought over food to the sick, made ridiculously early or late airport runs, and ran errands as a social activity. I've never considered any of those occasions… Continue reading Get By With a Little Help From My Friends