Rare Appreciation

As I sit here writing this (on Sunday afternoon), I'm experiencing a minor miracle: I am watching it rain. This is becoming a rarer event with each passing year here in Southern California. (Our local news caught the image well. I love how they keep talking about our winter "storm" and our drenching rain. They must… Continue reading Rare Appreciation

British Panto

During my second year in England, while studying for my French A levels, I also worked at a major department store. Working there gave me some great insight into British holiday traditions. It was at their Christmas party (and yes, it was called a Christmas party) that I was introduced to mince pies. I'd heard… Continue reading British Panto

Late Arriving Lessons

Some days I wonder why I can't simply be given all the answers to life up front. "Wouldn't it be easier to know when that information would be most useful?" my impatient mind asks. I know when I look back to the times in my life when money was the tightest, I really wish I… Continue reading Late Arriving Lessons

Whole New You

When I give my mind permission to run off leash, the visions it comes up with range from the unbelievable and absurd to incredibly insightful. The other day in between trying to figure out if I wanted to do something special for my holiday cards this year - because that is what all sane people… Continue reading Whole New You

Gardening Nerd

With all the enthusiasm of Steve Martin's character in The Jerk when the new phone book arrived, I did a little happy dance when I saw the Territorial Seed Catalog in my mailbox! My current work schedule makes it a rare event when I get to be the one to tend our garden. That, however,… Continue reading Gardening Nerd