Adventure Girl Disappoints Vonnegut

Masters of the Modern Short Story

A couple of years ago, I encountered a paper assignment from a class taught by my literary hero, Kurt Vonnegut. In reading the assignment, I realized that as an undergrad I would have dropped the class. It would have terrified me. Even just thinking about it made my chest tight. Out came my Adventure Girl cape. I… Continue reading Adventure Girl Disappoints Vonnegut

Geeking Out

I Am Not Spock

This year was the Ultimate Pi Day, 3.14.15, and I missed it. I was unable to get into the spirit: I was really upset about Leonard Nimoy's death, and I couldn't write something that felt right. He managed his best known character over decades and across series, yet his performance never seemed tired. The meme that went… Continue reading Geeking Out

Write Today

Thank goodness for First 50 Words and their writing prompts. That site has saved me several times when my idea well went dry. Whenever one tickles my fancy, into my blog idea folder it goes. With everything that is going on this time of year, I was so grateful to look in that folder and… Continue reading Write Today