Live or Memorex

I’ve mentioned a couple times how somehow I managed not to go to a movie theater at all in 2013. I went to a theater four times in 2014, but only one time really counted (when I went to see a new release): I saw Interstellar, I watched two older films being screened again (The Search for the Holy Grail and The Big Lebowski), and I went to see a a showing of a one-man show being telecast to the theater. The latter event was Shatner’s World.

Shatner's World

I truly got my Star Trek geek on with that one! The show was about his life and his extraordinary career.

I was so nice to share in the group experience even though I went by myself. There weren’t nearly as many people there as I expected (I’d pre-ordered my tickets as soon as I heard about it), but we were definitely a dedicated bunch.

As I was watching it, I realized how much more spectacular it would have been live. The Shat was obviously enjoying himself. What my experience was missing was the tangible energy of being in front of someone.

Even when I’m all the way up in the nosebleed seats for the opera or The Book of Mormon (fantastic!), knowing that the tiny actors/singers are real adds an element of excitement.

Years ago I used to go to concerts a lot. Normally I was too poor or too frugal to get tickets up close. One year for my birthday I wanted to see Sting perform. He’d been one of my favorite singers for ages, I really loved the Brand New Day album he was promoting, and I didn’t want to miss this chance to see him.

Brand New Day

I waited through the evil Ticketmaster site to get in to purchase the tickets the morning they were released for sale. Seats for the floor level were $75 a piece. (Keep in mind this was 15 years ago.) Yikes!  I looked up how much balcony tickets were: $50. I thought about the frugal choice for all of five seconds before I hit the “Best Available” option and then “Purchase.” It felt rather decadent.

The show was spectacular. Sting was in top form. He relayed a story that has stuck with me all these years. Evidently a fan had come up to him and told him that “Every Breath You Take” was his and his wife’s song. Sting’s response was classic: “Have you not listened to the lyrics? That’s creepy.”

I loved it! Ever since I first heard the song, I’d referred to it as a stalker song. Sting agrees with me!

That was a spectacular concert. I don’t know how much of that was based on proximity to the artist or simply how much I wanted to be there. It doesn’t really matter. I’d do it the same way all over again. Then again, have I splurged for closer seats since? No.

Has anyone else ever gone to a video of a live stage show? or What has been one of your big splurges?

4 thoughts on “Live or Memorex”

  1. I’ve often wondered about doing one of those telecasts. The theater around here does live shows and opera and things like that. I’m curious to try it out, but I never remember to do it by the time it comes and goes.

    It’s funny that you mention the Book of Mormon. It’s here in Houston right now and my wife and I were looking into it, but the cheapest tickets were way out of our price range. We both want to see it, but can’t justify the expense – especially with a baby on the way. I’d go see it as a telecast though, but I imagine that it won’t be in that format for awhile.


    1. I’ve gone to the opera telecasts. While I enjoyed seeing the sets from the Met, it was not the same experience.

      Book of Mormon was fabulous, even in the nose bleed sections, but it is a huge expense. I’m sure prices will drop in the future. That happened with Avenue Q.


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