Live or Memorex

I've mentioned a couple times how somehow I managed not to go to a movie theater at all in 2013. I went to a theater four times in 2014, but only one time really counted (when I went to see a new release): I saw Interstellar, I watched two older films being screened again (The… Continue reading Live or Memorex

Maple and Vine

When the 2014 opera season was announced, I was disappointed: there wasn't a single performance I wanted to see. Part of that was a lingering feeling from last last season, which wasn't that good either. Ever since then, I've been looking for a theatrical package. Groupon to the rescue! I found a two-for-one deal for… Continue reading Maple and Vine

Intersecting Circles

This past Sunday was the first performance of this year's opera season. When I ordered the tickets, the dates hadn't been released yet, and I was all excited to see a new-to-me comedic opera, The¬†Daughter of the Regiment. It wasn't until about three weeks ahead of time that I realized the performance was on Superbowl… Continue reading Intersecting Circles