Stimulating the Economy

Back in 2008 during the Great Recession, Americans received a $600 rebate when filing taxes with the hopes that everyone would spend it and stimulate the economy. Me being me, and having had my wages cut substantially, I saved mine. I did, however, adopt the expression of “stimulating the economy” to mean shopping.

Stimulate the Economy

I am not a shopper. That is one (of many) thing DH2U’s mom and I have in common. I shop like a guy. A quick walk through the store will let me know if there is anything appropriate for my needs, and if not, I’m out of there. I’m not a shopping browser. The thought of it makes me shudder.

To me, shopping is an excellent reason to start another list! I keep track of the items I need (and each must work with two or more other clothing pieces in my closet), and I refresh my memory before the dreaded entering of the stores.

The worst part is trying things on. Being built weird means that few things fit me. I know there is the alteration option, but I’ve had bad experiences with that. So I steel up my nerve before heading to the fitting rooms.

Recently, I went on a stimulating the economy rampage. I had four pairs of shoes that I desperately needed – Having them would give me dozens of new wardrobe choices for work. Plus, of all clothing shopping, shoe shopping sucks less: at least fitting rooms aren’t involved.

I was able to find three of the four pairs of needed shoes – and the best part is, it was all in one store. The definition of an excellent shopping adventure.

Are DH2U’s mom and  I the only ones who aren’t shoppers? or What has been your latest case of stimulating the economy?

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