Full Circle

Last week I had a time machine moment. Thirty years ago my speech coach in high school started her teaching career. Here are Karen and I together back then.

Tammy and Karen

Evidently it was red day and we both got the memo, and I’m digging my perm!

Last week Karen retired, and I was able to go to her party. While there, I was able to talk to teachers I had seen since I was a student in their classes. It was wonderful catching up with them, and it felt weird at the same time. They were talking to me like an adult. How did that happen? Plus I realized that I am now the age some of them were then. My mind was blown after that sunk in.

Hillary and I went together, which was good. Neither of us would have stayed as long if we went separately, and we both enjoyed it thoroughly. Plus it was good to catch with her. And of course there was much reminiscing with Karen!

Retirement Party

I wish I had taken a picture of the gift I brought. It was the most put together package I’ve ever created. Even people who do beautiful looking gifts complimented me on it. It even matched my outfit. I was all that!

Seeing Karen again was wonderful. She looked exactly the same as I remember, except a little blonder. Her kids who I had last seen as a toddler and an infant are now grown.

Time has passed, but it hasn’t. We are the same people we once were, with the added confidence we picked up over the years. Perhaps we were a bit more jaded, or realistic, depending on the perspective, but we slid into easy conversations.

I look forward to keeping in touch with Karen now that she is back in my life. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter in her life will bring. Knowing her, I’m sure it will be noteworthy.


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