Color Coordinate

We had picture day at work last week. Now that there are digital cameras, a lot of the pressure of getting my picture taken is gone. I got so nervous for school pictures that I ended up taking horrible shots. Even as an adult I’m not immune to bad pictures under pressure, as my driver license proves.

Fortunately, the office picture taker, our graphic designer, was very patient and gave great guidance. Of course I hated most of the pictures taken, but I did end up with four to choose from that I wasn’t embarrassed by. Here’s my favorite.

Tammy Work Photo

That morning I’d respectfully requested to go first because I had on a white top under the sweater and a tendency to spill. There was much laughing and commiseration, and I got to go first. At lunch that day I did get three little spots on my white blouse. Thank goodness the pictures were over.

Then on Monday of this week I spilled on myself again. That is when I decided I really need to coordinate my lunch with my outfit – no dark-colored or staining food when I have on anything white. If I really want the tomato-based lunch, I need to wear red or black.

I have known women who always look so put together and who can eat meals without wearing them. I am proud of myself if I get through the day with my blouse the same color it was when I started.

One of my biggest eating accomplishments was years ago when Hillary and I unexpectedly ended up eating at Kansas City Barbeque.

Kansas City Barbeque

For those of you unfamiliar with this establishment, it proudly declared itself “Home of the sleazy bar scene in Top Gun.” Hillary and I were down by the waterfront and decided to stop in. Then we looked down: We were both wearing white. Throwing caution to the wind, we ate there anyway, and we walked away without so much as a splash of sauce on us.

Am I the only one that wishes bibs for adults would come into style? or When was the last time you had a picture day?

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