Write Today

Thank goodness for First 50 Words and their writing prompts. That site has saved me several times when my idea well went dry. Whenever one tickles my fancy, into my blog idea folder it goes. With everything that is going on this time of year, I was so grateful to look in that folder and have all sorts of ideas waiting for me – my mind wasn’t up to coming up with one from scratch. I hope this doesn’t count as cheating!

Write Today

Now that my holiday cards have long since been sent, I’m left a little off-kilter. I love writing letters, but my Grandmas, my best correspondence partners, are not longer with us. I’m left floundering for an outlet for my letter writing needs. I have no one to write today, except Hillary who lives three miles from me. It’s just not the same!

Pen Pal Dinosaur

I’d tried using the internet to find a site that helped pair up us old fashioned types, but most of them seemed to involve writing prisoners, and well that is just plain creepy.

I might have come up with a solution in a very unexpected place: Kickstarter!

Kickstarter logo

I am knew to the Kickstarter community (I’m a supporter, not a person seeking funds!), and I’m loving it. Thank goodness for my frugal nature, otherwise it could be an expensive habit and not just a time consuming one. I love seeing the different projects on offer. It plays on my ability to be distracted by bright shiny things!

I’ve already contributed to two successful campaigns. The first was for an anthology of short stories by Fiction River. With me and reading, it seemed like a logical choice. The second was for Radiotopia, an organization that creates modern radio shows in a podcast format. I love that I can hear new stories being told on their “The Truth” station!

The coolest thing about the Radiotopia offering is that I will be assigned a penpal at random from the other funders who wish to participate. I hope my person will actually write to me.  I’m getting way too excited about something that probably won’t turn out, but I can’t help it!

Does anyone else have activities they enjoy that have gone out of fashion? or Am I the last person on the planet to discover the joys of Kickstarter campaigns?

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