Me: Now and Then

Commodore 64

In my collection of blog ideas, I have an article titled, "Why Your 20 Year Old Self says to STFU." Hindsight let's us be so critical of ourselves in our young and stupid phase. I still have traces of how scared and mixed up I was then. That version of me does deserve a break.… Continue reading Me: Now and Then

Joys of English

At the beginning of the year, I took the plunge and am back in school. Need I say that I'm loving it? I'm in school, I'm getting graded, AND I am learning really cool stuff ... grammar! Grammar Lab is the first class in a copyediting certificate program. It is awesome! Isn't it odd how… Continue reading Joys of English

Where I Feel Most Alive

Despite how I have historically equated the process of learning new things with making a fool of myself, I realize that I am now at a point in my life where the time I spend acquiring a new skill is when I feel the most alive.┬áStrangely enough, I've always been really patient with myself when… Continue reading Where I Feel Most Alive