Great White North Reads

Years ago I discovered the joys of Canadian Broadcast Corporation radio. I'm not sure how I stumbled across it, but I was hooked! I loved the freshness that came with all their programming. Getting a different perspective on world events reminded me of my BBC days. they had me at hello. In my post about… Continue reading Great White North Reads

Sci Fi Book Review

With my almost obsessive amount of reading lately, I have been doing a lot of genre hopping. My go-to's lately have been either Sci Fi or Canadian authors  or both. I wanted to discuss three sci fi books that I've read this year: Little Brother, The Darwin Elevator, and Oryx and Crake. Little Brother immediately gave… Continue reading Sci Fi Book Review

My Universe or Mine?

The other night, DH2U and I were discussing potential television shows for us to stream on Hulu/Netflix/network sites, etc. A couple of the ones I suggested were sci fi, and I was surprised when they were vetoed. We are both geeky, so this seemed odd. I had to ask why. It turns out he doesn’t… Continue reading My Universe or Mine?