MeetUp Again

My first Meetup group attempt was not all I had hoped it would be.


It did briefly inspire me to try my hand at creative writing. I haven’t completely given up on that idea. I have the foundation for the world where my first piece would take place, and I love researching that, and I’ve even written a few parts to it. Unfortunately, it’s not something that is calling to me at the moment. Especially since how I thought I would organize it would lead to a book I wouldn’t want to read. It’s going to the back burner for a while.

But I haven’t given up on MeetUps. I realized that in my post Crazy-Busy Job life, I haven’t returned to my old level of socializing. Maybe one night a week I have plans, and many weeks I have none. That is very not the me-I-want-to-be, quite anti-Adventure Girl. Hence, the return to

I found a group that seemed perfect – Geek Girls. It turns out that they have a sub-group that meets twice a month at a coffee shop, and the attendees work on their own needle crafts. I like Sci Fi; I’m a girl; I’ve been threatening to finish my rag rug for three years now. A perfect fit on paper.

My first meeting with the group was last week. It was a delightful group of women (and one token male attendee – he knits!). I had forgotten my reading glasses, so I got off to a frustratingly slow start. I couldn’t even visually verify that there was an eye to my needle, much less get thick thread through it. Finally I made a joke about my readers being at home, and a fabulous woman doing needlework gave me one of the many needle threaders she had brought .

Needle Threader

It was as if angels were singing. That threader saved the day. I could finally start!

There were some nice discussions of what everyone was working, different group activities coming up, as well as different craft sites that people use. Best of all, I managed to get three whole rounds done during my hour and a half with the group. I’m hooked on getting things done! I’ll definitely be back for their next get together.

Is anyone else involved with groups that are essentially social environments to do their own projects? Or What craft project have you been meaning to finish?

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