Pass the Test

When DH2U and I first started dating six years ago, we were invited to a party at his friends’ house. His friend’s long-time girlfriend was a vet, and I was promised tons of dogs and cats to pet. Needless to say, I was all in.

We arrived and let ourselves into their yard. Suddenly there was a pit bull running at me full speed. Its tail was going almost as fast as its legs. I had a split second to react: I held my deviled eggs above my head, smiled at the dog, and braced myself for impact. The dog jumped up on me and attempted to lick me to death. Okay, she was also longingly looking up at the plate.

Smiling PitBull

DH2U’s friends heard the commotion and came out to great us. Not cowering from this overly friendly dog meant I’d passed the first impression test. This couple throws awesome parties filled with pets and great conversation, so I’m glad I showed myself to be a dog lover from the beginning.

A few years ago they bought their own home, and it turns out that the house came with a bomb shelter. How awesome is that?!?!? This piece of information led to a lively discussion at their housewarming party as to who should be allowed to enter the shelter in an emergency.

That got me thinking: What could I bring that would gain me access, not just to their shelter, but would make me wanted in any shelter? I quickly realized it couldn’t be something that I would bring with me (like my solar oven, and yes, I do have one!), because nothing would stop them from simply taking it and leaving me out of luck. I’ve read enough end of days books to know that!

Skills are what would be in demand. I’m so glad I have my food preservation skills – it makes me unique. But is it enough? There is a reason I haven’t turned into a full-fledge prepper: I have elected to not worry about all that might happen. I prepare for genuine threats (like earthquakes) and job losses. I have more than enough other things to occupy my time than thinking about an EMP or total economic collapse. We all have our priorities.

How would you have responded to the advancing pit bull? Or What skills do you have that would earn you a spot in a bomb shelter?

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