How I Learned to Love Science Fiction

Stranger in a Strange Land

I love the advantages I had being a kid in the 1970s and a teenager in the 1980s. Queue the montage of avocado green and harvest gold appliances and kids flying down the street on their bikes morphing into '80’s haired battles on Atari and DOS programming on Commodore 64s. There is one thing I… Continue reading How I Learned to Love Science Fiction

Cyborgs Everywhere

I Human by John Nelson

Early last week on one of the sci-fi book groups I follow on Goodreads, there was an Android/Cyborg discussion. A brief summary for the uninitiated: Androids are completely mechanical, whereas cyborgs are human with bits of hardware. Okay, yes I do realize just how geeky the discussion was and how geeky it is that I'm sharing it.… Continue reading Cyborgs Everywhere

MeetUp Again

Needle Threader

My first Meetup group attempt was not all I had hoped it would be. It did briefly inspire me to try my hand at creative writing. I haven’t completely given up on that idea. I have the foundation for the world where my first piece would take place, and I love researching that, and I’ve even… Continue reading MeetUp Again