Old Lady

The other day I caught myself doing my most old lady act to date: I put a partially used Kleenex in my sweater sleeve. I couldn’t believe it! Instead of turning 43, did I actually turn 93?!?!

As I’ve mentioned before, I suffer from allergies. With our weather so much warmer so much later into the fall (who am I kidding? It never got cold even to us weather wimps at all last winter), there is always something blooming. The result is that I always have a Kleenex on me. I try checking my pockets before doing laundry, yet one often sneaks by me and creates confetti in the washer/dryer.

On the particular old lady day in question, I was wearing a really cute outfit, but unfortunately my skirt didn’t have a pocket. Rather than leaving the Kleenex on my desk – ewwwww – I watched it go into my sleeve without my even thinking about it.


Goodness gracious! What’s next? Will I be going in for a blue rinse? I won’t even mention that I received my first prescription for reading glasses last month.

I just realized work brings out the worst of my old lady tendencies. All of the women in the office have shawls that we have brought in because the air conditioning is cranked so high. One of our male coworkers once referred to them as our blankies, and the term stuck.

Lately I’ve found myself putting the shawl over my legs instead of my shoulders. I thought to myself that this is what it will be like tucking the blanket over my lap when I’m in a wheelchair! At least I’m getting my stories ready for the senior center.

What older-than-your-age activities have you caught yourself doing? or Why are office buildings always so cold?

6 thoughts on “Old Lady”

  1. When I’d hear people say blue haired old lady I just thought it was an expression. But now from your post I know they really did dye their hair. I’ve never seen it but that’s funny.

    Going to sleep at 10pm is my older-than-your-age-activity, oh and cleaning on my days off. I probably have the earliest bed time of all my friends. They drink coffee every morning to stay awake, but I’d rather be well rested. And every time my one friend wants to do something that seems lengthy I always feel like I should be home cleaning instead.

    By the way I’ve been putting a blanket around my legs too lately. I though it was because my hardwood floors were cold, I’m used to carpet, but now you’ve got me thinking lol.

    Office buildings are freezing! lol I can’t remember the last time I was in one that was comfortable. I think they do it on purpose to keep you alert since you’re more likely to become tired and lazy in the heat.



    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Lea.

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who finds office buildings so cold! It’s ridiculous. We don’t even have a thermostat controller in our office – building maintenance will adjust it by a degree or two per service call. Absurd.

      I’m a morning person, so my bedtime is much earlier than that of my friends as well. Being perky in the morning makes it worthwhile.


  2. I laughed so hard – I have been known to tuck a tissue or two on occasion. I think it’s because I knew so many lovely old ladies in my life who did that (all of the same general age and generation, mind you). So gross, isn’t it? And yet…there it is.
    I also find myself going to bed (or at least wanting to) far earlier than I used to – this 43 business is for the birds, huh? And I do often use a shawl over my shoulders or legs but I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so cold is bad for me and I use my snuggly blanket without shame. Right now I’m wearing a scarf…in the house…because if my neck is warm, I am warm. But oh how we made fun of my Grandfather for doing the same. He was clearly far wiser than we gave him credit for being!
    Nice to know there others out there trying to age with grace! 😀


    1. I’m so glad I wrote this post. I am truly not alone in these things! I’ve been known to go to bed at 8 o’clock. I try really hard to make it until 9, but that often doesn’t happen.

      I haven’t gotten into scarfs. I need to. It is a pretty look… and warm!


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