Birthday Preparations

My birthday was just over a week ago. I was flying for a business trip that day, and that did not diminish the day at all. As long-time readers know, I happen to like hanging out in airports.

The trip started with a stop at Denny’s for my free Grand Slam breakfast. I did some damage to it.

Birthday Breakfast

While I’d hoped the TSA agent would give me a TSA pre-check card since I was flying on my birthday, she didn’t, and I got suddenly shy and didn’t ask.

Most of my birthday celebration came early this year. My department at work went out to lunch to celebrate the Friday before. The topic of the recent hurricanes led to a general discussion of preparedness. What a very Tammy-like subject!

Half of us at the table had some level of preparedness: extra food, water on hand. The others, though, didn’t, or at least didn’t feel prepared. Without going into full-on prepper mode, I was able to make them feel more comfortable by reminding them that their water heaters held 40-50 gallons of water.┬áThe day after our discussion I did go out and buy four more gallons of water for our collection. There really is no such thing as too much water.

This got me thinking about how September is National Preparedness month, an excellent month-long present for me. In the past it has served as a reminder for me to check all my supplies and add to them. This year is no different.

When I looked at my supplies this time, I realized we don’t have enough carriers to remove our cat family all at once and have them be comfortable. We now have them on order.

We already had collars for our new feline additions. They were rather impressed by their new bling.

Kittens in Collars

Moose hid his somewhere in the house, but I finally found it in the underlining of our couch. Well played, cat, well played. It was gone for nearly a week. If they ever get out I want people to be able to return them to us quickly and not wait for their chips to be scanned, so the collars need to stay on.

Now that we have a house, it is nice to have more room for preparations. I am glad we weren’t living here right when I started wanting to be prepared. This much more space would have been dangerous. Now I restrict myself to certain areas – a shelf here, a drawer there. Having limits makes me think more strategically.

Okay readers, how many of you are prepared for an emergency? Do you have enough supplies on hand to survive 3 days? What about a week? This curious mind wants to know!

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