Backing up

I was in the parking lot at work the other day, and I as startled by the beeping sound of a truck backing up. It served its purpose well: The driver knew he was in reverse, and people behind him got out of his way.

Why don’t people beep when backing up? More to the point, why doesn’t an alarm go off in my head when I start to backslide?

I started this blog to help myself explore where I wanted my life to go. There are so many things that interest me and so little time. Plus, being easily distracted, it’s hard to keep a focus on what is important. Here is where those in-head beepers would come in handy!

Recently I started a part-time job on a taste panel (I actually finished the training last week. I didn’t want to bring it up if I didn’t pass!). In the five weeks of training, we were taught to identify the strength of flavors, rank a series of samples, and judge the differences between pairs.

Tammy wearing nose plugs, taking a picture of herself in a mirror, looking at the camera instead of straight forward, giving a crazy eye effect
Look at the mirror, Tammy, not at the camera! Do we really need another Psycho Serial Killer Shot?

I love it! It is so much fun, and I am learning new skills. It doesn’t feel like work at all! Okay, admittedly, some tastes can be a bit rough. And the days we judge texture instead of taste (hence the nose plugs!) can take a while to clear out the after-taste, but now I can use the proper vocabulary in describing that after-taste! Unfortunately, this could never be a full-time job. Taste buds can’t do this for more than a couple hours a day.

My question for you is: Is taking this job backsliding in my quest to find my next career? If so, does it matter? I personally view it as entertainment I get paid to do! Yet something in the back of my head is making me wonder if it is keeping me from finding my true passion. With the sexy nose plug, though, how could I resist its charms?

4 thoughts on “Backing up”

  1. Wow Tammy – I want a job where my primary task is to taste! Yum. And those nose plugs? Awesome. I think if you’re enjoying it – it’s not a waste of time. And sounds like you’re learning along the way – that’s never a bad thing.


    1. I do really enjoy both the job and the learning process. And … they pay me for something I’d probably do for free!

      Thanks for your support! Go punch a speed bag for me!


  2. What a great job! I would love to do that. As for the nose clip, I swim laps at the YMCA three times a week and that looks similar to the nose clip that I wear. I don’t know how well nose clips work for tasting but they sure do work at keeping water from going up your nose! Take care.


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Mike. Lately the job has been great – tasting sweet! It is hard work, but someone has to do it!


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